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Choose Your Best Fit Conversation Space From One of Three streams

1. Intuitive Communication Alchemy: 

Rare and unique intuitive coaching to alchemize communication within relationships through clarity, insight and guided card reads. This is not a quest for external answers, but rather a space for you to be supported as you approach your own sense of inner knowing as it applies to your relationships.

2. Communication Mastery for Personal Relationships:

Learn to leverage and translate the 80% of communication that is unspoken in your personal relationships through targeted strategies such as understanding of communication and attachment styles, personality dynamics, energy, chemistry, emotional intelligence and filters of past experience.

These sessions provide transactional tools to interpret and deliver messages accurately. There are times when people cannot hear each other because the words being exchanged don't land and cannot be received. Cut through the noise and confusion in your relationships to deepen connection with the people that matter in your life.

3.  Business & Professional Connection Uplevel

Employees are more than just job titles - they are individuals with unique talents, strengths, and aspirations. Valued, inspired employees stay at work places That's why BHD focuses on employee growth, well-being, and building the communication and engagment in work relationships that matters as much at work as  at home.
The truth is that  how we show up in one area of our lives is largely how we show up in all.

For each of the three streams of SYN + C, you can choose a one time conversation or several.  On-going sessions are available in 4, 9 or 12 weeks packages. Strategic and science backed communication tools are brought together specifically for you because no relationship is like another.

Boomerang Personal Relationships

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The Science and SpiritualTea

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Boomerang Business and Teams

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Commmunication Mastery for Personal Relationships

Business and Professional Connection Uplevel

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