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BHD With NanSi

Cultivating Clear Synergy in Personal and Professional Relationships

Our mission is to empower individuals in their personal and professional  relationships through synergistic communication.

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Boomerang Human Development (BHD)

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The mission of Boomerang Human Development (BHD) is to empower people in their personal and business relationships through synergistic communication.

What do we mean by that? When people feel recognized and validated,  the creative potential of the connection exceeds that of each  individual. Synergy, the power of more in collaborations, starts.

BHD is passionate about uniting people in shared vision and respected differences because amazing things result when good stuff happens on purpose with purpose.

Like Butterflies and Boomerangs, what we send out creates an effect that ripples and comes back. Let's create amazing impact.

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BHD Synergy+Communication

Conversations For SYNC'D Relationships

BHD SYN+C Coaching with Nancy Mae Simpson builds relationships through synergistic, same page communication.

Connections strengthen when people feel seen, heard, valued and understood, but how do we get there? How do we know if we are if we are on the same page and it's working? It can be unclear. 

BHD SYN+C  pairs the judicious use of words with understanding of the 80% of communication that is non-verbal to empower personal and business relationships. Communication styles, attachment styles, emotional intelligence, personality types , love languages and filters of past experience are  looked at so people can understand what is being said far beyond words.  What is understood can be changed, upleveled and refined. Synergistic communication doesn't happen accidentally. It is learned.

BHD SYN + C the Three Streams

All are safe conversation spaces to understand and excel the communication in your relationships.
You get to choose the focus.

For each of the three streams of BHD SYN+C, you can choose a one time conversation or several.  On-going sessions are available in 4, 9 or 12 weeks packages. Strategic and science backed communication strategies are brought together specifically for you because no relationship is like another.



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Communication Alchemy and Achilles Heal Conversations

These are rare, intuitive and transformative conversations in a safe space to bring clarity to your relationships and anything that is making you feel stuck.  Intuition and science backed strategy drive the sessions equally. A simple conversation or a card pull can be chosen.
You will be fully supported as the point you can't get past-your personal Achilles Heel-is
 dismantled into understandable, addressable pieces. What is understood can be healed, empowered and changed.

1:1 Session /

1:30 min

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About Nansi

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Nancy Mae Simpson-Above all else,  I believe in empowered human connection and that everything is energy & chemistry. With more than 20 years experience leading teams in the field of science and medical research, I can logically and practically comment on energy, chemistry and scientific proof. I also know both deeply from my heightened intuition.

My passion and vision as the founder of Boomerang Human Development (BHD) is for people to build and leverage the shared power of collaboration and creation in their personal and business relationships, through
clear synergistic, communication. 


Connection at home and work matters equally, because how we show up in one area of our lives, is largely how we show up in all.


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