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Connection-Driven Communication in Relationships


Enhancing personal and professional relationships through connection-driven communication

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Boomerang HuMAN Development 


Our mission is to synergize  collaboration in personal and professional relationships through connection-driven communication.

We are dedicated to fostering strong, positive relationships in all areas of life and believe that mutual understanding through same-page communication is key to building strong connections.

How you show up in one area of your life is largely how you show up in all.  There is no true separation, and the relationships in every aspect of your life matter. 

 Nancy Mae Simpson


 Building Relationships Through Connection-Driven Communication 

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Safe space conversations to deepen connection in your personal and professional relationships

Connect in a one time discovery conversation to see if a  4, 9 or 12 week conversation package is the perfect fit.
All are uniquely  customized and results driven for you. 

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Team Talks

Welcome to Team Talks, where leadership meets meaningful connection. Here, we focus on communication strategies that strengthen teams and enhance the impact of leaders. Strong relationships are strategic assets that drive your organization’s success.

Connection-driven communication helps you attract, hire, and retain top talent, directly impacting your bottom line. People stay where they feel seen heard and valued. Instead of dealing with turnover rehiring, you will keep motivated, loyal staff are your most important resource for growth. 


 The reason is that employees don't leave jobs specifically. They leave environments where they don't feel cared about.. Connect with them and elevate them instead of letting them be lost as turn over costs.

Additionally, strong team relationships enhance your organization's reputation to attracts high-level clients, and boost your brand. Valued employees work better together, with the synergy that increases productivity and sparks creativity.

All of these benefits start with understanding how you impact your team with the way that you communicate and how you lead. Your ability to read the room and adapt to  diverse, individual communication needs, will allow you to build  trust, foster collaboration, and  inspire innovation.

Team Talks explores and implements actionable strategies that harness the power of connection-driven leadership. The return on  this investment in yourself and your organization will be reflected in enhanced financial outcomes from increased team cohesiveness and customer loyalty. 

1:1 Sessions /

1:30 min + text support 

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About Nancy Mae Simpson


Nancy Mae Simpson

Above all else, I believe in empowered human connection.

With over 20 years of experience leading teams in science and medical research, I offer logical and practical insights on the energy, chemistry, and scientific evidence of building connection in relationships.

I also have extremely heightened intuition, and know how essential it is to understand people and read the energy of the room.

As the founder of Boomerang Human Development (BHD), my passion and vision are centered helping individuals build and leverage the shared power of collaboration and creation in their personal and business relationships through clear, connection-driven communication.

I believe that connection at home and work matters equally, because how we show up in one area of our lives largely reflects how we show up in all areas


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