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Boomerang Human Development (BHD)

The mission of Boomerang Human Development (BHD) is to empower people in their personal and business relationships through synergistic communication. Specific space is held for men who lead.

The truth  is that  everyone wants to feel valued, heard and  understood,. However, for men in leadership it's a little different.. They often have a compulsion for extreme  achievement that does not  let them enjoy their accomplishments or take a moment to slow down. 


The constant pressure of doing and always being on,  leads to intense stress where they may shut down and  disconnect in relationships at work and home. There is  little personal time left  to think  and no safe space to talk about what is really happening for them.

BHD is passionate about providing a safe conversation zone for mean who lead .  It is a haven where they can reconnect with themselves  and then unite  at peace with others in shared vision and respected differences.


Amazing things result when life balance is restored and good things happen collaboratively and intentionally.

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Nancy Mae Simpson 
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Nancy Mae Simpson-Above all, I believe in the energy and chemistry of human connection. With 20 plus years experience leading teams in the field of science and medical research I have learned how to read the room and understand people really well.


Communication is the currency  that builds relationships through skill-sets that rely heavily on tuning in to emotional awareness and key check-ins with ourselves. It is knowing what is being felt, as much as what is being said. 

For men,  especially those who lead, there  is  consistent pressure to accomplish while leaving feelings out and no option to being anything but on without being perceived as weak. 

Through the ending of a long term marriage I came to understand the  personal isolation experienced by the father of my children, as well as hearing very similar stories  in my professional connections with high achieving men. 


Men have few places to truly talk about what is going on for them without judgment. The result is isolation, anger, depressionand broken relationship.

For these reasons, I am passionate about creating safe conversation spaces for visionary men so they can find peace and empowerment for themselves and extend that healing to all of their relationships.

Communication is the
Commerce of Humanity


The vision that drives my passion as the founder of Boomerang Human Development (BHD) is for people to have personal and business relationships that inspire and light them up daily. Connection at home and work matters equally, because how we show up in one area of our lives, is largely how we show up in all.

Nancy Mae Simpson

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