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Boomerang Human Development (BHD)

Our mission is to enhance personal and professional relationships through connection-driven communication.

We are dedicated to fostering strong, positive relationships in all areas of life, believing that mutual understanding and clear communication are key to building strong connections.

In personal relationships, compassionate communication helps us align visions and work through differences with respect, ensuring the well-being of each individual and the connection itself.

Professionally, leveraging individual strengths creates cohesive, high-functioning teams. Building and empowering these teams requires understanding people beyond their titles.

Whether at work or home, the quality of our relationships is essential.  They bring joy and unlock our full potential.

Great relationships are built collaboratively, with communication as the commerce of connection and exchange.

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Nancy Mae Simpson 

I believe in the power of strong relationships and real connections.

With over 20 years of experience leading teams in science and medical research, I've learned how to read the room and understand people. Relationships are all about the energy, chemistry, and communication that bring us together.

I help identify and remove the blocks that stop open and honest communication. Without this, true connections can't form and relationship problems can't be solved.

It all starts with prioritizing your own well-being and having a judgment-free space to share openly. I provide that safe space conversation and use a variety of methodologies and strategies to enhance communication effectiveness in relationships.

When you unlock communication in your relationships, you unlock your full potential to collaborate with others.


How you show up in your personal and professional life matters. The quality of your life depends on the connections you build.

"I wish people the relationships that ignite passion, bring fire and inspire them to more-both at home and work."

Nancy Mae Simpson

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