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ABOUT BHD and Nancy Mae Simpson


The mission of Boomerang Human Development (BHD) is to bring people together in powerfully connected personal and business relationships that are fueled by the synergy of  feeling seen, valued, validated, heard and understood.


Our relationships are the foundation on which we build our lives, but great connections don't happen by chance. They are created and cultivated.

BHD is passionate about uniting people in shared vision and respected differences because amazing things result when good stuff happens on purpose, with purpose. 

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About Nancy Mae Simpson (NanSi)

Nancy has over 20 years experience leading teams in the field of science and medical research. She knows communication, team building, efficient processes for standardized results, and most importantly, that mindset and emotional intelligence supersede all.


Her professional experience and exceptional intuitive gifts have led to Nancy to a deep understanding of people and the certainty that transformation and empowerment in relationships comes from compassion, understanding and inspiring to action versus telling what to do.  No matter what, we need to own how we show up. 

In that light, as a mom of 3, Nancy frequently relies on her "sense of knowing" with her kids  and has elevated her relationship with them by speaking to see and hear them. 


Nancy's passionate vision is to guide people in leveraging the power of synergy in their personal and work relationships, because how we show up and interact with others in one area of our lives is most often how we show up in all.


She wants people to know that meaningful connection is anything but accidental.  It is created by intentional choices in actions, words and energy.



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