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Nancy Mae Simpson Coaching/Consulting

Communication is

 Connected Possibility

Communication Drives Relationships

Actionable &Compassionate
Communication for Personal and Business Relationships

Nancy Mae Simpson Coaching & Consulting
Same page communication is the commerce of relationships.
People rise when they feel seen, heard, valued and understood. But how does that happen?  What are the right things to say in building relationships? What does it even look like when it's working?
SYNNC is BHD's program to create empowered personal and business relationships through same page communication. In pairing the intentional use of words with an understanding of the 80% of communication that is non-verbal, a space emerges where people connect and create from shared understanding.
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BHD with Nansi ~ Choose Your Best Fit Conversation Space-One of Three Ways


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Intuitive Relationship Transformation

These are protected, intuitive and life enhancing conversations in a safe and supported space to bring clarity to your relationships and actionable steps for expansion and change.
Intuition and science backed strategy are used in equal balance. Open, meaningful conversations with or without a card pull empower each session.
You will be fully supported as the point you can't get past-your personal Achilles Heel-is
 looked at in small understandable, pieces. What is understood can be healed, empowered, upleved and changed.

1:1 Session /

1:30 min

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