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In a world where 25% of marriages are loveless and 32% of global workers are disengaged, the parallel between our personal and professional lives is evident.

Our relationships, at home and at work are mirrors because how we show up in one area of our lives is largely how we show up in all.

Interaction feels hurried and transactional rather than human and emotional. Although we have instant contact literally at our finger tips, people are feeling really disconnected and alone.

The answer is not singular or clear but there is knowledge that can help.

For example, saying something is not just words spoken out loud. What matters more is the unspoken 80% of messaging that makes us who we really are as people.

Factors such a communication and attachment styles, levels of emotional intelligence, personality types and filters of past experiences weigh heavily.

Connecting with another person is a balance of energy, chemistry, delivery and so many things in between. It learning to listen to understand and say things so we can be heard and that takes practice over time.

Whether in the boardroom or the living room, effective, compassionate communication matters.

The ersosion of relationships starts comes from an inability to make each other feel seen, valued and heard.

Love doesn't just pack a bag and walk out the door in our relationships. It erodes and

fades when communication becomes a mere exchange of words.

People stop trying because the hope for being loved back is lost. They no longer believe that the people who matter the most, care or sees them. There is no time and everyone is too busy. Presence matters. That is home.

This is work...True fact confirmed by Gallup-employees don't leave workplaces. They leave managers-managers who sit on remote thrones giving orders and talking down to them. They also leave managers who aren't around to talk at all. Presence matters.

Workers in these environments feel alone, unmotivated, disheartened and disrespected, and they're not wrong.

It takes 2.5 seconds to be a nicer person and a few more to truly validate and acknowledge someone as worthwhile. That should be this era's golden rule of being human.

As the founder of Boomerang Human Development (BHD), I believe that our purpose for being on this earth is meaningful connection and communication is the social commerce of humanity.

How to connect and how to communicate are learnable skillets but we aren't born knowing. It's worth the time and investment to take both back to our relationships because when we do, synergy the power of... togetherness and MORE kicks in.

What results is the energy, potential and power of the connection becoming greater than each individual.

Good stuff happens on purpose, with purpose, when people connect from that space.

~Nancy Mae Simpson


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